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Senior Programs


MNC provides a wide range of social services, educational programs, and recreational activities that target low-income seniors.

Our center is located in the heart of the Mission District. MNC is the place where seniors can come together and have lunch, meet new friends, exercise and participate in educational workshops or participate in the computer class or citizenship instructions if they qualify to become US citizens. MNC is very happy to invite young seniors 55 and over to come to our center and participate in our activities.

Volunteers: If you have a special talent or interest you would like to share like painting, reading, singing, dancing, or helping in the dining room, or if you would like to be a senior companion or chaperone an outing…we want YOU! Please come to our offices and talk to our staff so we can find the right activity for you, so you can be a part of the MNC family.


All seniors benefit from exercise classes provided 3 days a week. We teach seniors that participating in an exercise regiment helps them to improve mobility, reduce joint pain and arthritis, and improve their overall quality of life. On site, we have a registered nurse to advise them and help control their high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.

“I always complained about aches and pains. Since I started exercising, my aches and pains have reduced drastically. I feel great!”


Up to 90 seniors enjoy a daily hot, nutritionally balanced meal in a home-like atmosphere. Meals are offered to seniors over 60, their caretakers, or spouses. Meals are served Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. No one has to eat alone and this is a great opportunity for participants to socialize and make new friends.

“Before I came to MNC, I was eating alone and did not enjoy eating. Now, I eat with my friends and really enjoy my food.”


Seniors enjoy today’s technology by participating in the computer lab, 3 days a week. Everyone has the opportunity to learn and practice the English language in our ESL Class. When seniors qualify to become American Citizens, then they enroll in our citizenship classes and start the citizenship process. MNC “graduates” several new citizens each year!

During the year, we celebrate many multicultural events, holidays, and senior’s birthdays. We work with various community partners and groups who like to sponsor activities for seniors. Thank you to GAP and Levi’s Employees for their continuous support.


  • Congregate Meals
  • ESL & Citizenship
  • Wellness Program
  • Medical Assistance
  • Social Services
  • Emergency Fund
  • Food Distribution
  • Knitting and Crocheting
  • Sewing Instruction
  • Arts and Crafts
  • CulturalCelebrations
  • Outings


Senior Programs