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Who We Are

We help build resilient, vibrant communities where everyone participates, prospers, and succeeds

MNC serves over 45,000 low-income seniors, youth and families with young children at 16 sites throughout San Francisco. With a legacy dating back over 125 years, our guiding principles remain the same: empowerment, cultural affirmation and personal responsibility. We provide a continuum of educational programs, workforce development, homelessness prevention and social services to the community populations most in need. 

MNC delivers culturally sensitive, multi-generational, community-based services focused on underserved families. We develop and promote leadership skills that empower families to build strong, healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.

Our clients are predominantly Latino, African American, Russian, and Asian families living in San Francisco’s Mission, Excelsior, Mission Bay and Bayview Districts.

We believe that change starts with empowering families to build strong, healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.


What We Do


Our History

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Our Mission

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