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Our Learning Philosophy

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Fostering a Safe Environment for Learning

MNC provides nurturing early childhood learning environments that strive to authentically include the values, home languages, and cultural identities of the children served. Teachers actively engage children in age-appropriate, stimulating experiences to bring about optimal learning for all children to grow to their fullest potential.​  Further, MNC is committed to ongoing dialogue with children, families, and staff to develop skills that actively challenge bias and disrupt systemic inequities.

What We Believe About Children:

  • Children are active, competent partners in their own learning. They learn best when curriculum content is relevant to their real-life experiences and engage all their senses.

  • Children learn best in classrooms that reflect and support their sense of identity, culture, language, and family composition.

  • Children learn best in an environment in which they feel emotionally secure and have warm, supportive relationships with adults who love and value them as individuals and support their emotional and social development.

  • Children learn best when they are allowed to take responsibility in the classroom, participate in making rules, solve their own problems, and have input into the curriculum & daily activities.

  • Children who are English-language learners benefit from evidence-based dual language instruction to support them in their home language while they acquire English as a second language.

  • All children benefit from learning in classrooms in which teachers are enthusiastically committed to fostering full inclusion of children with special needs with their typically developing peers.

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